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Address History Records show the details of those individuals who are living at a particular address being considered or detail of those individuals who were past residents of this address. These records contain a list of the basic details of an individual such as their full names, previous addresses, occupations, residence records, location records, information regarding neighborhood records and locality records, etc.

People may need Address History Records for many different reasons. These, mainly, depend on whether the address under consideration is a residential address or a commercial address. If residential then these address history records will be used and evaluated by individuals, for instance potential tenants. Their main goal may be to assess the nature of the neighborhood along with their future safety and security.

By contrast, if the address being considered is situated in a commercial location, then the use of this address history record could be for business motives entirely by entrepreneurs. It could be possible that an owner of business wishes to re-locate or open a new outlet; hence he will consider looking at these address history records to get a general overview of the society as a whole and for conducting business surveys, etc.

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