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Online Dating Records

Online Dating Records

Online dating records are one of the many features added to public records. These reports are found online and are rather simple to access -- only requiring a first and last name to begin your search. The ability to view online dating records via the report can be an essential tool when using those dating sites yourself.

It can also be useful in keeping your significant other honest throughout your relationship, making it very difficult to keep things hidden from you. Although searching public records can uncover information you may want to know about others, it could also turn up some shocking news.

Match, Tinder, OkCupid

Whether you are meeting someone on a dating site or want to find out whether they have any active online dating records, a public records search can get you what you want to know. Many sites that offer these reports will check major online dating sites like Match, Tinder, and OKCupid.

Using these sites, the report will display links to their profiles and other information like usernames, photos, bios, and other basic information that might be shared on the dating site.

Utilizing the Information You Receive

If you are looking to do a public records search for someone you met online, chances are you are either trying to verify they are who they say they are or you want to verify that they aren’t dangerous.

Public records can help you out tremendously, even if you don’t have a lot of information about the person. What you find, however, could save you from making a mistake with someone.

Before you dive into your search, you should make yourself aware of what you’ll come across and how you can use it to make rational judgements on someone you’re talking to.

Social Media

In addition to online dating records, many public records will contain social media accounts linked to that person. When people catfish, they often have several different accounts with different names and photos. This can be a red flag if you see something similar in your report.

Likewise, if you see that they have other social media like FaceBook and LinkedIn, you can follow a link to their profile and do further research on the online dating records. Basically, all you’re looking for is consistent information to help prove they’re real.


Not only will a public record report show profile photos linked to a person’s online dating records or social media accounts, but it may include photos taken from around the web that could possibly be linked to that person. Again, what’s most important here is that everything matches up.

Public records can come from a variety of different outlets and can even include mugshots found -- which leads me to the next item on many public record reports.

Arrest Records

A hot commodity with public records are arrest records, but you shouldn’t be fooled by what you might find. Although arrest records will accurately display situations where this person was arrested, it doesn’t mean that person was found guilty. It is possible that they were arrested for something they didn’t do, or were just being brought in for further question just to later be released.

In addition to arrest records, public records could contain bankruptcies, evictions, and liens that were placed on the person linked to the online dating records. Before you really start to dive into conversation with other online dating records, you should at least have an idea of whom you are dealing with.

Phone Records

The phone records that will be included in your report come packed with information that could help you uncover more about the online dating records you’re searching for. Not only will it provide you with a list of possible phone numbers linked to that name, but it will give you the phone carrier, phone type, and the city that it was activated in.

It will also let you know which phone numbers are connected and which aren’t in use. This way you can either confirm the phone number with the one they gave you or call the phone number on the report to see who it really is.

Location History

It could be pulled from court judgements, properties owned, residences, social media accounts, arrest records, or phone records, but most public records will include a map with a location history for this person. Many people will try to hide where they really live to people on the internet, but public records can help you keep those online dating records honest.

A full list of past and current addresses can further help you verify if you’re talking to the right person online. It might even list their current and past work experience and education history -- allowing you to stop their lies before they begin.

How Do You Find Online Dating Profiles?

The process when starting an online public record search for online dating records is extremely easy and can be started in an instant. All you will need is the person’s first and last name that you want to search and you can start pulling reports today.

If you would like to make your search more accurate and quicker, you will have the option to select the city and/or state that they were last known to be located in. Although this will help you navigate the search easily, it is not a required piece of information to get started.

Before you begin your search, it’s important to be informed that a public record will contain more than just the online dating records linked to the name. Among the other things described above, you might see someone’s sensitive public information -- this can include bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, and property liens.

Nonetheless, the public records and accompanying online dating records associated with it are available for the public to see. This means that you can get started with your search today. Better yet, we have the resources to do just that. To begin your search, enter the first and last name of the person in the respective boxes.

You’re already well on your way!

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