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Traffic Ticket Records

Traffic Ticket Records

Traffic ticket records can be found online, whether you’re aware of it or not. To add to the concern, your traffic ticket records can be viewed by anyone -- including your friends and family. Luckily you can view your own traffic ticket records to make sure the information is at least accurate and doesn’t contain any errors or false claims.

We all make mistakes, especially when driving on the road, so having a traffic ticket on your record is very common. Those with frequent citations and violations are likely to be viewed as irresponsible on the road and can be the reason why some of your friends won’t let you drive when you carpool. After all, that’s why we like to keep that information as hidden as possible.

Traffic ticket records can be viewed several different ways. The more grueling process, yet very reliable, is through the actual court’s database. Since most traffic tickets involve a ruling by the courts, this information must be documented, filed, and maintained by those courts. They release this information to anyone that requests it.

The easier method, although it might give you more information than you’re looking for, is by searching that person’s public record. This will list all traffic ticket records, as well as other arrests and convictions they were involved in.

What Are the Most Common Traffic Ticket Records?

You can receive a traffic ticket for a variety of different reasons, all of which will be included in your traffic ticket reports. If you were wondering what type of charges and offenses people can view, let’s take a look:

  • Failure to use turn signals
  • Speeding
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Crossing a median
  • Not stopping for pedestrians
  • Passing another vehicle in a no-pass lane
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failure to stop for an emergency vehicle

If you’ve ever been issued a traffic ticket for any of these reasons, chances are the courts have your information filed in their database for everyone to see. Courts also keep a variety of other records, not just limited to traffic ticket records, so you’d be surprised at what people could find out about you -- no matter how hard you try to keep it from them.

Will Traffic Ticket Records Show Up in a Background Check?

Traffic ticket records can most definitely show up in a background check, but it will depend on what type of background check is being requested. Criminal background checks will show any recent traffic ticket records, as well as any other criminal history.

It should be noted that not everyone will have access to a background check and you are protected under federal law and regulations when companies view your background check. Even better, traffic ticket records and other civil charges will eventually be removed from your background check, allowing you an opportunity to start over. This process normally takes about 7-10 years to be removed.

Can the Public View My Traffic Ticket Records?

While the public might not have access to an official background check, they will have access to various public documents that are likely to contain your traffic ticket records. These records aren’t often disposed of, so the 7-10 year limit for background checks won’t apply in these cases.

The public can view your traffic ticket records by visiting the county clerk’s office and requesting them, but this process might take a long time to complete. Likewise, you might be searching the wrong county clerk’s office, meaning you won’t be given the results you were looking for.

Websites like ours have the power to connect you to a variety of information -- including traffic ticket records -- from thousands of databases and sources. This will be included in a single, easy-to-read report for anyone to see.

What Else Can the Public View About Me?

You would be shocked to find out what others can learn about you, without you even knowing! The courts file documents for everything they encounter on a daily basis, meaning information can be endless. That’s one of the main reasons they have a schedule for disposing records every now and then.

Here’s a list of some things outside of traffic ticket records that can be found online:

  • Personal Information - People can view your date of birth, possible relatives, roommates, associates, social media information, and even a picture of yourself.
  • Property History - Public records can include a full address history for all the places you’ve lived at, as well as any properties or businesses you own.
  • Phone Records - All the phone numbers you’ve had over the years can be viewed in your report, as well as whether the phone is connected or not.
  • Arrest History - If you’ve ever been arrested, including any convictions, people will be able to view these in your criminal records.
  • Judgment Records - Whether you were evicted, had a lien placed on your property, or were involved in a lawsuit, these records are kept by the courts.

Don’t worry, you can also use these search records to dig up information on anyone you know, whether it be family, friends, or someone you just met online. These records are made to be transparent, promoting safety and protection.

How to Find Traffic Ticket Records?

Traffic ticket records and other public records can be found right here on our website. All you need is the person’s first name and last name to get started, which can be entered into the search engine located below. You can enter their last known location, but it won’t be needed to start looking at results.

When you hit ‘Search,’ you’ll be prompted to sift through possible matches since many people are bound to share the same names. Once you’re confident you have the right person, you can open their report and start to browse their traffic ticket records. You can even do this to yourself to see what information out there is linked to your name!

What are you waiting for? Go get your search started today!

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