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County Records

County Records

County records can include a multitude of information pertaining to residents of a certain county. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all those documents when some is born, gets married, divorced, dies, buys a property, gets a license, or even opens a business, they are all stored under county records.

That’s a lot of information to keep track of, which makes the county clerk’s job that much more important. County records are vital to keeping track of a person’s history, which can be beneficial during the hiring process, keeping your friends and family honest, or even by police officers looking for more information on a suspect.

Everytime something happens in a county, the files are recorded by the county clerk. In some more serious cases, the federal courts might take over -- at which point the county clerk may not have anything to file.

Although county records can be included in background checks -- when given consent -- they are also available to the public. You can retrieve county records for anyone in that county, past and present, by taking a trip to the county clerk’s office or requesting them online. Although this is the most reliable way, there are easier ways to get the information you need by using the resources provided on our website.

Since county records contain a great deal of information, you might want to be aware of the things you can uncover about someone. There can be shocking discoveries and embarrassing details hidden away in these reports, so it’s always best to keep an open mind before hitting ‘Search.’

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll come across when searching for county records.

Property Records

Anytime someone purchases a property in a county, whether they permanently reside in that county or not, they will be included in any county records search on that person. In addition to providing the full address of the property, county records that are part of a public records search can reveal that property’s history, the estimated value, as well as past owners.

You can also find someone’s full address history when looking at county records. This isn’t necessarily limited to properties they own, but can include rentals, apartments, and condos. If someone purchased land or a building for business purposes, that information will also show up in county records.

Marriage Records

Before two people are allowed to get married, they must first obtain a license from the county. The marriage license can be included in county records and can help detail more about who they’re marrying -- or were married to -- and when it occurred.

In addition to marriage records, you can also find divorce records -- though some states have limitations on what information is released, if any. Many people search marriage and divorce records to confirm the person they started talking to isn’t already with someone. This can give you the confidence in knowing a little more about the people you encounter on a daily basis.

Probate Records

When someone dies, any documents and court judgments related to the death will be filed in your county records. Whether a will is involved in the death or not, there will eventually be a court decision on how to distribute the estate to the various heirs and creditors.

Death records, including obituaries, are filed much like birth records are everytime someone is born in that specific county. This helps keep these documents across the United States more organized and readily available to those that need it.

Arrest History

If you’ve ever been arrested in the United States, no matter the county, you likely had to go through a grueling process -- whether you were found guilty or not. In cases where you were found not guilty, the county will still file the arrest into the county records. This can be scary for those that had no wrong-doing because sometimes it won’t show the outcome of the arrest on the report.

If you were found guilty of a crime, you will likely go through several court trials. If these trials are done by the county courts, then those records will be filed as such.

Can Anyone View My County Records?

The United States government at all levels is keen on providing transparency among the individuals that make up the country. With so much going on everyday, county records help to better keep track of all the documents floating around.

To help with the transparency, county records are accessible to the public and can be viewed by anyone who requests the information -- whether it be marriage records, probate records, birth records, arrest records, property records, or any other information filed by the county.

You can use this information to either dig up information about your family and friends, or you can use it to confirm the information in your own county records are accurate.

Don’t worry, the federal government has rules and regulations in place to protect citizens from discrimination in certain hiring processes and other applications. Still, that won’t stop the average joe from viewing your records, which is why it’s recommended to double check your own records on file.

How To Find County Records

If you’ve been wondering how to find county records, but keep coming across confusing county websites and databases -- you’ve been searching in the wrong place! There are easier ways to get the information you need without having to sift through databases all over the web.

Public Records Reviews has the tools necessary to get you a single, easy-to-read report -- no matter the county you’re in. If you’re ready to get started, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Find the search engine located on our website
  2. Type in the person’s first and last name into the corresponding boxes
  3. Click on the city and state, but only if you know it
  4. Click the ‘Search’ button
  5. Sift through the results and find the right person

You’ll be surprised at what you could find, so be ready for anything. I will note to make sure you have the right person before you begin your assumptions. There will be many people with the same name, so confirming their birth date, location, or any other vital piece of information can give you more accuracy.

Head over to the search engine and start your search today!

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