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Records Search

Did you know that you can perform a public record search online for just about anyone -- including yourself? It’s an extremely easy process that can be done online with websites like ours. It’s amazing the amount of information out there that can be released publicly and they are put into an easy-to-read report.

You can perform a public records search on a variety of people, including your relatives, friends, social media encounters, online sellers or buyers, neighbors, people you just met, and even on yourself! A records search should not be used to uncover information on employees, tenants, or students applying for college.

If you’re looking to start a public records search on someone you know, you should be aware of what you could find in the report. This could include sensitive information, things people don’t want others to know, or things that someone is ashamed about.

Let’s take a look at what the report could tell you.

Alias Records

When you receive your records search report, it’ll list a variety of different aliases that the person might be known as. This can include name changes that they’ve had processed, maiden names if they’ve ever been married, middle names, nicknames, and online usernames.

If you suspect someone isn’t giving you their real name or full name, a public records search can give you the answers you’re looking for.

Birth Records

Also included in a public records search is their birth records, which can give you the actual birth date of the person you searched for, their birth location, their astrology sign, their current age, and even whether they were issued a social security number -- allowing you to verify their citizenship.

A birth record search will give accurate information based on records kept by the city they were born in. They are available to the public and can be accessed with very little information.

Education/Work History

A public records search will essentially pull up a possible resume for the person you searched for. This will include their past and current education history, whether it be grade school, college, or beyond. It will also give you possible places the person has worked at, both current and past employment.

If you want to confirm that the information in your public records is up-to-date and correct, you can perform a public records search on yourself and verify what’s inside. It’s always a good idea to view your public records so you can be aware of what others can see about you.

Phone Records

A public records search will pull someone’s phone number history by including a list of past and current phone numbers linked to the name you searched. It will give detailed information for each phone number, including the location of service, the phone carrier (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.), the phone type (landline, cell phone, pre-paid), and even whether it’s connected or not.

A phone record search will give you real phone numbers linked to real people. This can be vital in confirming that the person you’re talking to on the phone is actually who they say they are. In addition, phone records can help you reconnect with friends and family that you might’ve lost a number to.


When you uncover a public records search, you’ll be given a list of possible people that might be linked to the person you’re looking up. This can include possible relatives, neighbors, associates, roommates, business partners, and even sex offenders in their area.

Whether you have just moved into a new neighborhood, lost contact with old friends and family, or want to see the kind of people your kids are hanging out with, a public records search can unveil a list of names to further your search for information.

Address History

Believe it or not, you can even search for someone’s address history when doing a public records search. There’s a lot of information enclosed in this, including the street address, city, state, zip code, and a brief description if one is given. It’ll even list the property value if they own a home.

In addition to that, it’ll break down more details about their address history, including what type of address it is (business, apartment, home), whether it can receive postal mail or deliveries, and it’ll break down possible neighbors and roommates for each address listed in the public records search.

Emails and Social Media

This is increasingly becoming a very popular feature when performing a public records search. In today’s society, we are always on our mobile phones, the internet, and social media. It has become a huge part of our daily routines and a major tool for networking.

As a result, we end up meeting a lot of people that could be faking their identity or hiding certain things about them. A public records search can help you verify the real people behind those social media profiles, while also listing real contact information including phone numbers and email addresses.

If you are skeptical about someone you just met online, you can keep your peace of mind by viewing their public records.

How Do I Start a Records Search?

Starting a public records search is extremely easy, all you’ll need is the person’s first name and last name that you want to search. By inputting their name into the search engine -- which can be found right here on our website -- you can start your search today and be well on your way to keeping those around you honest.

If you really want to narrow down your search and make your life easier when digging for information, you can include a possible city and state that they live in. This can be crucial to your records search because there will be plenty of people that share the same name. Although it will help, entering a city and state is not required to perform a search for someone.

If you’re ready to start your records search today, you can do so by using the resources on our website. Just type in their first and last name!

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