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Traffic Court Records

Traffic Court Records

Traffic court records can be found online by anyone willing to search for them. Not only can this detail your own traffic violations, tickets, and arrests, but it can give you information on the driving history of your friends, family members, and neighbors.

I’m sure we all share that friend in common that constantly brags about their driving record and how they’ve never gotten a ticket. You’ve probably always wondered if they were actually telling the truth or not. In fact, you’d probably love to be the one to call out their lies.

The good news is, you can confirm their claims by looking up their traffic court records online. Many people are surprised at all the information and details they give on someone’s driving history and how perfect of a driver they really are.

Still, traffic court records can be misleading and sometimes won’t even list certain offenses. If you want to be fully prepared before viewing someone’s report, doing some research on what traffic court records are, what they will contain, and the different ways you can view them will save you a lot of time and energy.

What Are Traffic Court Records?

Traffic court records are kept by the courts that make a decision on the case in question. Due to state laws, which vary across the United States, many of these records are placed in a database and made available to the public. Most traffic court cases will be sent to a municipal court or justice court located in the county it occurred in.

When someone receives a traffic violation or ticket, they are given the option to either sign or receive a copy of the ticket. By signing, you are agreeing to either pay the fine or show up in court if no payment is made in a set amount of time (normally around 10 days). By refusing to sign or refusing a ticket, the officer may have the right to arrest you.

If a traffic ticket isn’t paid in time or an arrest is made on the spot, the traffic violation will be sent to one of the courts listed above. Any documents and files related to that case will be maintained by the court. These are traffic court records.

In some states, traffic violations are viewed as an offense, but not a crime. In other states, all traffic violations are considered a crime. For example, Nevada considers all traffic violations at least a misdemeanor -- outside of parking offenses.

Are Traffic Court Records Found in Background Checks?

Traffic court records can be viewed in a background check, but it will solely depend on the type of background check being ran on that person. In order to prevent discrimination and unjust assumptions, there will be laws and regulations preventing certain information from being disclosed in some scenarios.

For the most part, most companies running a background check -- which you must give consent to -- won’t be concerned with their driving record. For example, employers are more concerned with your criminal history than driving history.

Still, some insurance companies may have a right to view your traffic court records if you give them consent. This can help determine how liable someone is with their vehicle and ultimately with their life.

Can the Public View Your Traffic Court Records?

Other than background checks, there are several different ways to view someone’s traffic court records -- without their consent. Although you will be protected in the scenarios listed above, it won’t stop your friends, family, or community members from taking a look at how safe you are with the car.

Since the courts are legally required to release a lot of this information, they will often be found in the court’s database online. You will likely need to pay to request information, but you’ll get a ton of details as a result.

Likewise, there are a variety of websites -- like Public Records Reviews -- that can help link you to public records on someone, even if you only know their first and last name. Public records will pull traffic court records from databases all over the web, including information from other databases like state courts, federal courts, government agencies, and much more.

Do Traffic Court Records Contain Convictions?

Traffic court records will show you the outcome of the trial, whether they were arrested, found guilty of a misdemeanor, felony, or infraction. It will even detail any punishments they were dealt, like incarceration, a fine, or a probation period.

If you’re searching through public records to find traffic court records, there’s a chance you run into much more than just a driving history. Not only will you uncover personal information like their date of birth, but it will show you their phone number, email address, social media links, address history, criminal record, public history, and asset records.

There’s a lot of information out there for those willing to find it.

How to Find Traffic Court Records

Lucky for you, we have exactly what you need to make this process quick and easy. Using our search engine, you’ll be able to search through anyone’s public record report -- which will include their traffic court records -- with just their first and last name. Don’t worry if you don’t know the last name, we can help you find that person with just the first initial.

When you’re ready, type the name into the search engine below and hit search. Adding their city and state will help narrow the results down, but you’ll be able to click the search button without it. You’ll be redirected to possible matches and you’ll have to search for the correct person. Knowing their date of birth can help you confirm identities more accurately.

When you open their report, you’ll see a very easy-to-read platform that almost looks like a resume. It’ll have all the information mentioned in this article, plus some. You won’t have to walk around wondering if someone’s lying to you, catfishing you on the internet, or potentially dangerous.

You can even start with a search of yourself to see what’s out there about you!

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